Reviews of The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook

“This book is a must read for anyone who is disabled and can no longer work. The title says it all. If you’re thinking about making a claim, you owe it to yourself and your family to get this book.

The book explains in layman’s terms the Social Security disability claims process, what you need to know about how to win your case, and how to find the right Social Security attorney for you. This book and Attorney Lee can help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve and will provide you with peace of mind!”

Nancy Cavey

Florida SSDI Attorney

“I approached the Disability Handbook as a lay reader having no experience or background with disability issues or claims. I found the book to be very informative, full of very good information, with clear guidelines for securing disability assistance, and with excellent tips on how to proceed with the many process challenges inherent in making disability claims. The book covers a lot of information, but is well organized and very readable.”


Richard E. Kendell

Former U of U Professor| Former Associate Dean| Former Utah Commissioner of Higher Education| Former Interim President at Southern Utah University

“Having had no previous knowledge of Social Security Disability Insurance, (SSDI), I found Jake Lee’s Utah Social Security Disability Handbook to be extremely informative. It was not only interesting, but helpful to learn the history and creation of SSDI.

I appreciated learning the specific time frames given for filing claims and/or appearing before a judge. It was most beneficial to read the medical parameters and requirements needed to qualify for benefits. Prior to reading this handbook, I had little knowledge of the importance of the physician’s role in documenting his/her findings at the time of injury or onset of illness. I now realize how crucial this may become to my claim for benefits.

Previously, I was not aware of the complexities of qualifying for, filing for, and receiving SSDI benefits. Suffice it to say, I have come to an understanding of the importance of having an experienced professional in my corner to walk me through the process, should it ever become necessary. In my view, the honesty and candor used throughout the handbook validates the expertise of the Summit Disability Law Group.

This publication is an invaluable resource for everyone currently experiencing the need for SSDI, and/or anyone who wants to be prepared in the event of an unexpected, future need.”


Kristi Engar

Former Utah Opera Performer|Music Educator

“I am an excavator and depend on my ability to get up and work every day. This book is the information you would want to know about how to provide for your family if you couldn’t work anymore due to injury or illness.”


Cody Warren


“A must read book for every person making a Social Security Disability Claim.  Written in plain English, Attorney Jake J. Lee spells out everything you need to know to win your case from start to finish.   Finally, a book written for everyday people.”

Larry Buckfire

Michigan PI Attorney

The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook by Jake Lee is a very useful and clear explanation of the workings of a complex administrative system. The handbook provides a realistic view of the challenges that the process places on the road to obtaining benefits. It gives helpful encouragement for those who may qualify about the need for persistence, and especially for proper documentation and presentation of the evidence. But the book is balanced and makes clear that not everyone who can’t work will qualify for benefits.

An impressive hallmark of the book is that the author seems to genuinely understand how applicants for benefits are impacted by their conditions and the need for benefits to which they may be entitled.   It seems clear that the goal of the book and of the author is to help see that people who are qualified for benefits get what they deserve, even though the procedures in place may not be easy and efficient for applicants. Many qualified applicants will be discouraged by the early denial of their claims, but the Handbook provides statistics to show that persistence often pays off, and clarifies the crucial steps to building an effective presentation of the facts to increase the chances of success.

An important point made clear in the book is that applicants for benefits are not requesting charity or unearned government support—this program is for people who have worked for significant periods of time and have paid into the system from their wages. The book is easy to understand and provides important and clear explanations of the process of reviewing applications, so the reader will know what to expect when an application is submitted. It also clarifies what an applicant can and should expect from a lawyer hired to assist in the process.

I should note that although I have been a law professor for many years, for about 10 years much of my work was spent supervising law students who represented clients with disability claims (in another state). The explanations and descriptions provided in The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook reflect the experiences that our clients had, and the importance of preparing and presenting the cases before an Administrative Law Judge, where the chances of obtaining approval of the application are highest.”


Robert F. Seibel

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, California Western School of Law